Quicker Quotes Mean More Deals Closed

Sixty percent of deals are won by sellers who are first to produce an accurate, complete quote.

Cincom CPQ™ provides a quick, personalized experience that makes buying and selling complex products easier and simpler with:

  • One central tool for all sales processes
  • Expert product knowledge baked right in
  • Automated rules and a powerful proposal generator
  • Up-to-date pricing across all channels

See how Cincom CPQ can help you accelerate onboarding of sales reps, win more deals and increase profit margins.


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Why Are Sales Teams Turning to Cincom CPQ?


Improve Margins and Revenue

Deliver Fast, Accurate Sales Quotes with Real-Time Pricing

Deliver Fast, Accurate Sales Quotes with Real-Time Pricing


Easily Manage Point-and-Click Configuration Rules


Deliver On-the-Spot Proposals

“This collaborative partnership positions us to deploy a user-friendly CPQ tool that is flexible (and) allows us to rapidly adapt to disruptive technology market changes.”

Karl H. Seiler,
DataServ CEO and President


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