Special report for customer-service executives

Customer Experiences in Energy & Utilities Organizations

Why Read This Report

To improve the customer experience, it's important to first know where you stand. Filled with easy-to-read charts, this report is designed to give customer-experience executives a baseline as to the state of the industry's efforts today, outline their plans for the future and uncover whether these strategies align with customer expectations.

Key Takeaways

  • Improving customer experiences is a top-five priority for 88 percent of suppliers. Find out how they plan to do this   and whether it encompasses what customers actually want.
  • Online channels are the wave of the future, and multi-channel experiences are critical. How many suppliers are currently providing this?
  • Customer-experience success hinges on powerful yet easy-to-use technology. According to 57 percent of respondents, ineffective technology is the biggest drawback to customer-experience success.

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